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Control Break - AT NEW statement

AT NEW is one of a control break statements. It works inside the LOOP – ENDLOOP. Let’s take an example. We have prepared an internal table where we are storing 50 rows of material, plant & storage location data. Now we run the operation of AT NEW for plant record. Whenever the system finds a new plant with respect to previous then it will trigger the AT NEW statement. Here the internal table must be sorted. Otherwise similar plant may come afterwards and system will trigger AT NEW wrongly.

The program is as follows.

        werks TYPE mard-werks,
        matnr TYPE mard-matnr,
        lgort TYPE mard-lgort,
       END OF ty_tab.

DATA: wtab TYPE ty_tab,
      itab TYPE TABLE OF ty_tab.

  SELECT matnr werks lgort
    UP TO 30 ROWS FROM mard

  IF sy-subrc = 0.
    SORT itab.
    WRITE: / 'Material'20 'Plant'27 'Storage Location'.

    LOOP AT itab INTO wtab.
      WRITE: / wtab-matnr, 20 wtab-werks, 27 wtab-lgort.

      AT NEW werks.
        WRITE'***** AT NEW plant triggers at ', sy-tabix.

Now we shall see at debugging mode how AT NEW works. At the first loop iteration AT NEW will definitely trigger because the plant is read as new. Here SY-TABIX = 1.

After entering into AT NEW, we can see the other fields which are right side of the mentioned field contain ***. Only the mentioned field contains the proper data.

After that whenever system finds a new plant data it will trigger AT NEW similarly. Here at SY-TABIX = 3.

Similarly at SY-TABIX = 16 it will be triggered.

In this way AT NEW is triggered inside the loop. The output is as follows.

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