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Simple ALV Grid Report

Simple ALV Grid Report

The SAP system contains a lot of data like purchasing, production, warehouse, accounting, financial, employee data etc. We always need to retrieve those data to review, maintain and analyze as well. In the classical report we use formatting option to have an output i.e. WRITE statement. Now SAP system provides us ALV (ALV List Viewer) report option by which we can generate smarter output.

The ALV report looks far better than a classical one. We can generate the spreadsheet (excel) from the output of ALV. We can do many other operations like SUM, AVG etc. at the output screen without any coding of the main program. In ALV report we have to declare the function module “REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY” in which we just need to pass the final output table, field catalog table, event table (at the time of interactive report), layout structure and program name. There are many other options which we can pass to that function module to make our ALV report enriched.

We have to call a dictionary type pool SLIS. It contains all type of declaration to generate an ALV report. We use slis_fieldcat_alv for field catalog work area and slis_t_fieldcat_alv for field catalog internal table. In the below example we have shown how to populate this internal table by appending one by one information.

Now to populate the layout we use slis_layout_alv structure. After populating with required fields we pass this to the ALV grid function module.

Similarly we use top of page work area by slis_listheader structure and internal table by slis_t_listheader. In ALV grid we call another function module to populate the top of page and that is “REUSE_ALV_COMMENTARY_WRITE”. We need to pass the internal table to populate the top of page in this function module. Here the top of page subroutine is needed to pass to ALV grid function module.

Another mandatory data is the program name (SY-REPID) is needed to pass to the ALV grid. In this way we can generate an ALV grid report which is basically more user friendly to produce large volume of data. Here we have demonstrated a very simple example of ALV grid report with having the output coming from only one table.

REPORT  zabap_gui.

*---Declaration of Database table for its line type--------------------*
TABLES: scarr.

*---Calling the type pool SLIS to inherit all of its fields------------*

*------Declaring local structure---------------------------------------*
         carrid   TYPE scarr-carrid,
         carrname TYPE scarr-carrname,
         currcode TYPE scarr-currcode,
       END OF ty_scarr.

*-----Declaring work area and internal table---------------------------*
DATA: wa_scarr TYPE          ty_scarr,
      it_scarr TYPE TABLE OF ty_scarr.

*-----Declaring the field catalog work area & internal table-----------*
      wa_fcat   TYPE slis_fieldcat_alv,
      it_fcat   TYPE slis_t_fieldcat_alv,

*-----Declaring the work area of ALV Layout----------------------------*
      wa_layout TYPE slis_layout_alv,

*-----Declaring the work area & internal table for Top of Page---------*
      wa_top    TYPE slis_listheader,
      it_top    TYPE slis_t_listheader.

*---Event Initialization-----------------------------------------------*
  SELECT-OPTIONS: s_carrid FOR scarr-carrid. "Input selection criteria

*---Event Start of Selection-------------------------------------------*

*---Event End of Selection---------------------------------------------*
END-OF-SELECTION.  PERFORM alv_field_catalog.
  PERFORM alv_layout.
  PERFORM alv_grid_display.

*---Event Top of Page-----------------------------------------------*
TOP-OF-PAGE.  PERFORM top_of_scarr.
*&      Form  get_scarr
*       Selection of Airline table data
FORM get_scarr .

  IF s_carrid[] IS NOT INITIAL.
    SELECT carrid carrname currcode
      FROM scarr INTO TABLE it_scarr
     WHERE carrid IN s_carrid.

    IF sy-subrc = 0.
      SORT it_scarr.
      MESSAGE 'Airline doesn''t exist' TYPE 'I'.

ENDFORM.                    " get_scarr
*&      Form  alv_field_catalog
*       Preparing ALV field catalog
FORM alv_field_catalog .

*----Local variable to count the column position-----------------------*
  DATA: lv_col TYPE i VALUE 0.

  IF it_scarr IS NOT INITIAL.
    lv_col            = 1 + lv_col.
    wa_fcat-col_pos   = lv_col.         "Column position
    wa_fcat-fieldname = 'CARRID'.       "Technical field name
    wa_fcat-tabname   = 'IT_SCARR'.     "Output table name
    wa_fcat-seltext_l = 'Airline Code'"Field text
    APPEND wa_fcat TO it_fcat.          "Preparing the fieldcat table
    CLEAR wa_fcat.

    lv_col            = 1 + lv_col.
    wa_fcat-col_pos   = lv_col.
    wa_fcat-fieldname = 'CARRNAME'.
    wa_fcat-tabname   = 'IT_SCARR'.
    wa_fcat-seltext_l = 'Airline Name'.
    APPEND wa_fcat TO it_fcat.
    CLEAR wa_fcat.

    lv_col            = 1 + lv_col.
    wa_fcat-col_pos   = lv_col.
    wa_fcat-fieldname = 'CURRCODE'.
    wa_fcat-tabname   = 'IT_SCARR'.
    wa_fcat-seltext_l = 'Local Currency'.
    APPEND wa_fcat TO it_fcat.
    CLEAR wa_fcat.

ENDFORM.                    " alv_field_catalog
*&      Form  alv_layout
*       Preparing the ALV Layout
FORM alv_layout .

  wa_layout-zebra = 'X'.             "Calling the Zebra layout
  wa_layout-colwidth_optimize = 'X'"Width of the column is optimized

ENDFORM.                    " alv_layout
*&      Form  top_of_scarr
*       Preparing the Top of Page
FORM top_of_scarr .

  REFRESH it_top.

  wa_top-typ  = 'H'.            "Header type
  wa_top-info = 'Airline List'"Header text
  APPEND wa_top TO it_top.
  CLEAR wa_top.

  wa_top-typ  = 'S'.            "Normal line type
  wa_top-info = 'Report: '.     "Normal line text
  CONCATENATE wa_top-info sy-repid INTO wa_top-info.
  "Concatenating the text info with program name
  APPEND wa_top TO it_top.
  CLEAR wa_top.

  wa_top-typ  = 'S'.
  wa_top-info = 'User: '.
  CONCATENATE wa_top-info sy-uname INTO wa_top-info.
  "Concatenating the text info with user name
  APPEND wa_top TO it_top.
  CLEAR wa_top.

*-Calling Function Module for displaying Top of Page-------------------*
      it_list_commentary       = it_top "Passing the internal table
*     I_LOGO                   =
*     I_END_OF_LIST_GRID       =
*     I_ALV_FORM               =

ENDFORM.                    " top_of_scarr
*&      Form  alv_grid_display
*       Preparing the final output by using Grid Display
FORM alv_grid_display .

  IF    it_scarr IS NOT INITIAL
    AND it_fcat  IS NOT INITIAL.

*     I_INTERFACE_CHECK                 = ' '
*     I_BYPASSING_BUFFER                = ' '
*     I_BUFFER_ACTIVE                   = ' '
       i_callback_program                = sy-repid "Program name
*     I_CALLBACK_PF_STATUS_SET          = ' '
*     I_CALLBACK_USER_COMMAND           = ' '
       i_callback_top_of_page            = 'TOP_OF_SCARR'
*     I_CALLBACK_HTML_TOP_OF_PAGE       = ' '
*     I_CALLBACK_HTML_END_OF_LIST       = ' '
*     I_STRUCTURE_NAME                  =
*     I_BACKGROUND_ID                   = ' '
*     I_GRID_TITLE                      =
*     I_GRID_SETTINGS                   =
       is_layout                         = wa_layout
       it_fieldcat                       = it_fcat
*     IT_EXCLUDING                      =
*     IT_SPECIAL_GROUPS                 =
*     IT_SORT                           =
*     IT_FILTER                         =
*     IS_SEL_HIDE                       =
*     I_DEFAULT                         = 'X'
*     I_SAVE                            = ' '
*     IS_VARIANT                        =
*     IT_EVENTS                         =
*     IT_EVENT_EXIT                     =
*     IS_PRINT                          =
*     IS_REPREP_ID                      =
*     I_SCREEN_START_COLUMN             = 0
*     I_SCREEN_START_LINE               = 0
*     I_SCREEN_END_COLUMN               = 0
*     I_SCREEN_END_LINE                 = 0
*     I_HTML_HEIGHT_TOP                 = 0
*     I_HTML_HEIGHT_END                 = 0
*     IT_ALV_GRAPHICS                   =
*     IT_HYPERLINK                      =
*     IT_ADD_FIELDCAT                   =
*     IT_EXCEPT_QINFO                   =
*     E_EXIT_CAUSED_BY_CALLER           =
*     ES_EXIT_CAUSED_BY_USER            =
        t_outtab                          = it_scarr "Final output table
       program_error                     = 1
       OTHERS                            = 2.

    IF sy-subrc <> 0.
      MESSAGE 'Report not Generated' TYPE 'I'.

ENDFORM.                    " alv_grid_display

Here is the output of Selection Screen:

The ALV Grid display output:

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