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Convert SAP Script to PDF

We can convert the script to PDF by using the standard program RSTXPDFT4. We are taking the previous script and perform the following steps.

Step 1: Go to print program and execute it. We shall have a pop up window for output device. Click on the Print button there.

Step 2: This print request has been stored in spool. Now go to SP02 - list of spool request.

Step 3: Now we can see the spool request for the script has been updated in the list. Copy the spool request number - 10700 for this example.

Step 4: Go to SE38 and execute the standard program RSTXPDFT4.

Step 5: Enter the spool request, check the download PDF option and mention the path where the PDF needs to be stored.

Step 6: Browse the path with the proper file name and click on Save.

Step 7: Now the PDF has been stored into the entered location.

Step 8: Open the PDF.

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