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Dynamic Footer Window

In the last article we have created a simple Smart Form which displays a list of POs based on the date range. We found a problem that the form is generated with lot of blank spaces after the main window table. Now we want to utilize that space by configuring the footer window dynamically. To do this we have to pass Event inside the Table of Main window. Step by step approach is as follows.

Right click on the Table and create a folder. Go to Event TAB and configure like follows.

Go to Condition (Only before end of main window).
Now go to the Footer window which had already been created as the Final window. Change it to the Secondary Window.
Go to Condition (Only after end of main window).
Now check the Main window area. The last line should be one the same line of page and the header will come at the top of page from the second page.

Execute the report again to get the required output.

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