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Function Exit - Sales Order Predefined

Here we have demonstrated another Function Exit or Customer Exit. In the following example we have predefined a value of sales order. Sales order is created by VA01 transaction. There is a field ‘SOLD TO PARTY’. We want this field will be predefined with value 2400 whenever we enter VA01. Following is the step by step approach.

1.       Enter VA01 transaction.

2.       Enter order type OR and hit enter.

3.       Initially the sold to party is blank. Sold to party means the party to whom the product will be sold. So basically it will be the customer.
4.       Note down the screen field by pressing F1 > then go to technical information. Here it is KUAGV-KUNNR.

5.       Now go to system > status and double click on the program.

6.       Then go to attribute > not down the package.

7.       After that go to SMOD and then find (CTRL + F).

8.       Enter the package (VA) and execute.

9.       Now we see that there are a lot of exits for this particular transaction VA01. We have to go by the description of exits and we have chosen Predefined sold-to-party.

10.   Double click on the exit and we enter into the enhancement.

11.   Now double click on the exit and we enter into the function module (SE37).

12.   Now go to CMOD and create a project.

13.   Enter the enhancement name and hit enter.

14.   Now double click on the exit.

15.   Create the include program to write our own code.

16.   Activate the code and activate the project. We see that the exporting parameter takes the value of customer number with E_KUNNR like KNA1-KUNNR. So we are passing a fixed value to E_KUNNR.

17.   Now again enter VA01 with OR order type.

18.   We can deactivate this project and by doing this VA01 will go to previous phase.

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