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Menu Exit

We know the Menu Bar of SAP screen. Now Menu Bar contains some standard menus which have been provided by SAP. We can add extra menu as per requirement. We have to edit the Menu Painter to do this. After graphically creating the menu we need to add code to the respective function module (function exit).

In the following example we are going to add extra menu in the SE38 screen. We want to add an extra menu SE80 at the initial screen of SE38. Step by step approach is as follows.

1.       Go to SE38 and enter a program name & display it.

 2.       Go to system > status.

 3.       Now we have Program Name & GUI status. Here we shall work with the GUI status first.

4.       Double click on the GUI status and double click on the Utilities. There is an option +PGE (Customer Exit). Here only we can add our custom menu. We can’t add custom menu in any other menu location.

5.       Now go Back to the status where we saw the program name. Double click on the program.

6.       Pick up the package name (SEDI) to find the exits.

7.       Go to SMOD and click on Find.

8.       Enter the package and execute.

9.       Now we have two exits. The first one (SEU00002) will be our required one. It will add custom menu to our initial screen of SE38.

10.   Double click on that and we are inside the enhancement. Choose the new version of function exit.

11.   Now we have found out the exact name of the Function Module (EXIT_SAPLWBABAP_010). We need to write our custom code inside its custom include program.

12.   Go to CMOD and create a project.

13.   Choose Enhancement Assignment and enter the exit name (SEU00002).

14.   Click on the Components and we can see that there are slots of Menu Exit & Function Exit.

15.   Double click on SAPLWBABAP and fill up the required GUI status. We want to add SE80 transaction here. So the function text will be SE80.

16.   GUI status has been prepared. Now double click on the function exit.

17.   Create the include program as before.

18.   Write the custom code here.

19.   Finally save, check and activate the project.

20. Now go to SE38 initial screen and click on Utilities. We can see that there is a menu SE80.

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