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How to create ABAP CDS Views on HANA | Cds view in sap abap | abap cds views

Core Data Services for abap.

Hello Friends in this article we are going to learn about how to create simple ABAP CDS View on HANA. Here I have shown you step by step Procedure for ABAP CDS View Creation. 

CDS view in sap abap

A CDS view is defined for existing database tables and views, or for other CDS views in ABAP Dictionary, using the ABAP CDS statement DEFINE VIEW. A CDS view serves to define the structure of an SQL view and represents a projection onto one or several Dictionary tables or Dictionary views.

        Click here to watch practicle video session on cds views on hana.

Steps to create cds view in hana.

 1) Right Click on your favourite packages and select new and click on Other ABAP repository Object.

2)    In the New ABAP Repository object window search for DDL source object select the DDL Source and Click Next.

3)  In the New DDL Source window  enter Name and Description of the CDS View and Click on enter.

 4) Select transport request as per your requirement. Here we are storing cds view in         local package so we are not selecting any transport here then Click on next.

 5) In templates window select define view and click on finished.

6) Cds View editor open with predefined code which you need to edit as per data source name and sql view name.

7) Change the Sql View name as ‘ZV_TEST_SIM’ and data source name as SNWD_PD.

8) Add some fields from SNWD_PD table in order to create CDS View.

9) Then Click on check and Activate program to create CDS View.

10) After activation of CDS View click on RUN and select ABAP application and click on Ok and you can see outout of created CDS View.

Congrats! You have learned how to create Simple CDS view. 

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Thanks for learning.😍

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